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Baptism is like a one-person drama. It's telling a story... a story about a change in your life. Stepping out in faith represents a transfer of ownership of your life from you to God as CEO. Baptism doesn't make you religious, wash sin off of you, make you holy, or create in you - perfection. It's a simple public statement of identifying with Jesus Christ on the cross and accepting his free gift of forgiveness.
Spence Evans
Baptized at Faith Bible Church on a Sunday morning, May 4, 2008. How cool is this??? Three years later he is baptizing his friends...
Nancy Race
Baptized at Karl's home by Spence in the hot tub at a Baptism party on Saturday, December 10. Nancy's husband, Tracy was there encouraging Nancy and taking pictures. Nancy has served God for many years and was excited to be able to make her profession of faith in Christ public by being baptized.
Jade Tuscher
Baptized by Spence at the December 10, 2011 Baptism party in the hot tub as well. Jade's mother, Holly was there celebrating and had a special token from Jade's infant baptism when he was two weeks old. She gave it to him and shared a special moment with the group of how this was something she had been looking forward to since his first baptism. Jade has a growing relationship with God and is discovering what it means to have a group of Christian friends who are there for you when you need help.
Paula Burris
Paula was baptized by Karl at the Saturday night December 10 Baptism party in Karl's hot tub. Kurt came with her to encourage her and to offer support. Paula has an awesome testimony of faithfulness through difficult times, and the love and grace of God. She is a witness to her family and friends, and has a loving and giving heart for God and people.
Robert Richardson
Robert was baptized on April 11, 2011 in the hot tub at Bible study. Spence Evans did the heavy lifting while the group cheered from the balcony!
Tommy and Moira
Tommy and Moira were baptized on July 5, 2011 by Spence in the hot tub at Bible study. They are a young couple just starting out in life and beginning their great adventure. What a joy to see them take this very important step of faith! In the picture below Spence and Tommy are reacting to the group on the deck above.